January 07, 2014

Home grown


Ever since my lovely husband put in raised beds over a year ago the thrill of stepping out of the kitchen door and picking a few things for dinner has only grown.  Now I even have tall, wavering sweetcorn outside the kitchen!  I sometimes pet the corn leaves, and always thank the plants when I pick something from them.  Nature really is amazing.  The top photo is of last night's harvest for dinner.  And the corn, which only a month or so ago was 20cm high, is now over one metre.


  1. what a great harvest. i can't wait for spring here ... curious did you do a winter garden? i had mixed results, especially after it snowed even though i tried to cover everything .. it was my first attempt w/2 raised beds.
    btw - your husband's a saint. mine put ours in but marcello and i did all the back breaking work sifting out rocks and such during the hottest part of the summer. was like prison yard work!

  2. I've had the garden going throughout Winter but the climate is a lot more milder than yours and we certainly don't have anything like snow to contend with. I didn't plant broccoli or cauliflower but will this year. A few carrots, rocket, silverbeet, gosh I ca't quite remember, how odd! The beds were full though but the creeping strawberries did take up a bit of space. No matter what I plant there never seems to be enough room! There'll be things I won't do again this year, or maybe not so much of anyway. I;m really enjoying the beans, sugar snaps, snow peas and courgettes right now. And going out to pick a big bowl of mixed lettuce leaves yesterday for lunch with friends was very satisfying.

    Your bed preparation sounded brutal! Isn't it at least more satisfying to know you did it yourself though? As we live in the city with around a 660sqm section, there wasn't much spare dirt. My husband bought in a small trailer load of soil, and having a nice deep bed is so worth it we've come to realise. Plants flourish, and they're easer to take care of so any more we put up we'll make them deep too.