December 31, 2013

8.00pm New Years Eve

I just can't see it happening (and most certainly not in my case) but good on them for their ambitious plans.  Lucy is busting keen to see in 2014 wide awake though so we might settle for an alarm clock at 11.50pm to watch the fireworks display from the top of the Sky Tower.  Then straight back to bed.

Happy New Year to you!


  1. Did Lucy make midnight? DId you?
    Love the spelling.

  2. We did! I didn't need to set any alarm though as I stayed up then woke the girls at ten to midnight. And the girls were rather difficult to wake but I think for Lucy it was worth it to see the magic fireworks display at midnight. Audrey slept in my arms, head on shoulder, standing on the upstairs balcony. She said this morning she just wanted to sleep. Think we'll skip a few years before the next lookie loo.